Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

(Photos from Here)

Tooth Fairy

I never believed in the Easter bunny, 
but the tooth fairy had me going for an embarrassingly long time.
How dreamy would this pillow be 
for your kiddo to tuck their tooth into before bedtime?

Beryozka Petrol

Beryozka Petrol Stations won the Red Dot Corporate Design award.
Understandably So...
How great is the coffee cup and the paper bag?

Alexander Henry Fabrics

Alexander Henry is apparently the King of Fabric.
1. Sofia, Tea & Orange 
2. Hollywood, Turquoise
3. Meadow Lark, Slate
4. Farmers Market, Green & Olive
5. Tutti Fruity, Nat. Pale

Odd Masks

In honor of Halloween, these masks crack me up.
Of course, they are great for every-day dress up for kiddos as well!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lawn Dice

After seeing this bridal shower, I've loved the ideas of a lawn game party.
Obviously there are the usual lawn games like croquet and bocce ball...
but how unreal would it be to play with these big dice as well?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Designer Pumpkin Decorating

You can find this along with other 
fashionably great pumpkins over at Refinery 29.
I think this bedazzled Miu Miu inspired gourd is clearly the best...
(But maybe I'm just a sucker for gold glitter.)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Cascading French Braid

Can you say uh-mazing?
This is one gorgeous way to style your hair.
I don't know what it is about braids.
They just can look so ethereal. 

Faux-Wood Placemats

Chilewich makes seriously cool items for your table.
These Faux-Wood placemats would work with just about any decor.

Buy them here

Lace Wedding Dress

BHLDN always has some amazing items,
but this dress... Gorgeous!
How perfect for a casual, bohemian, Fall wedding.
(And it is surprisingly affordable!)

Amish Peanut Butter

The biggest perk to growing up in northern Indiana
has to be Amish Peanut Butter.
This is seriously one of those 'gone in less than 24 hours' items.
It would make an excellent gift if I could stand to give it up to anyone.
I have a hard enough time sharing with my Husband.

Buy it here
(Along with more great Amish food, you honestly cannot go wrong at that store)

Bromleigh Coat

This post from Joanna has my mind on all things 60's.
Can you imagine how great this would look with winged eyeliner?
What a gorgeous coat.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rocking Horse

This is one simply great rocking horse.
It is classic.

Better Than a Post-it

Appree makes these fabulous leaf sticky notes.
Really, could there be a better way to bring the outdoors inside?

Write Beautifully

Pretty pencils, pretty shades, pretty packaging.
 (Pumpkin is perfect for Fall.)
Buy them here.

Kitchen Linens

I bet you'll never guess where these beauties are from...

Buy them here. (Yes. There!!)


This is one rad book.
I especially love the Octopus.
Buy it here.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Italian Lodge

How dreamy would it be to stay at this 16th century Lodge in South Tyrol, Italy?
The details are just amazing.
I don't know that I would ever be able to leave. 

Starry Backpack

What an adorable alternative to your kiddo's normal backpack.

Found Here

Missoni Inspired Pumpkins

I have always loved seasonal decor that can be displayed 
for both Halloween and Thanksgiving.
These look like Missoni stepped into the pumpkin & gourd making business.
(But the price tag clears up that question!)

Fall Hairstyle

I'm always keeping my eyes out to add to the 2.5 ways I style my hair.
This will definitely make it 3.5 ways. Using hair instead of an elastic for a braid?
So cute. 
Simply secured with a bobby pin

Burlap & Leaves

I have a deep obsession with all things burlap.
I have no idea why.
During Fall I get to use all the burlap I want without people thinking I'm crazy.
I just cut the burlap into strips (The secret to cutting burlap)
and used this leaf pattern from dear Martha.
A chain link and several hot glue burns later,
I got my garland.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish

I'm not sure if I am the last person out there to find out about this,
but magnetic nail polish?! How great is this?
You can buy it here
and watch a video about how it works here.


This is why I love Fall.
Especially Fall in Utah.
Could these colors be any more perfect?

(Photo by Jessica McKell)

...Guilty (Toxic)

This cover is seriously good.
Definitely guilty of playing this song over and again.
But who wouldn't with her soulful pipes.

Photo from Here

Baby Stripes

This J. Crew jumper would be seriously cute on any little one. 
(Especially the babies with French style and flair)

Uncovered Books

I was at Restoration Hardware not too long ago and spotted these beauties.
How simple would this be to reproduce?
It has definitely been added to my short list of projects.

Found Here

Fall Wishlist

Monday, October 24, 2011

Etsy: Bookhou at Home

I love this calendar made by Bookhou at Home. 
How perfect are these fall months? 
What a versatile and affordable gift.
Really, Etsy. Somedays...

Bathing Machine

I am endlessly intrigued by Victorian bathing machines.
Most of them were simply pulled by horses,
but this one was actually fit for a king.
Can you imagine how a Victorian woman would blush
if she walked onto a beach today?

Photo Credit: George Eastman House

Piece of Halloween

Ray Villafane carves the most amazing pumpkins ever.

Found on My Modern Met

Nursery Silhouette

How beautiful would this silhouette be in a nursery?

Paper Dolls


These have to be the most chic paper dolls out there. 
If you can't afford the actual clothes (because really, who can?) 
why not have them in miniature paper form?


Really. Who doesn't love Rachel Zoe.
First of all, her hair. Her hair is amazing. Its always "off-duty model" worthy.
Next, she has unlimited access to the most amazing designers in the world. Her show is constant eye candy. And yes, I really just said eye candy...
And if those aren't good enough reasons for you, can I point out that she never wears any shoe with a heel shorter than 3.5 inches tall. Even as a majorly pregnant but tiny woman. Really. 
She. Is. Ba-nanas.
(On top of all that, she makes you wish you could get away with saying things like Ba-nanas)

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